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Energia Positivo * Positive Energy


Partner of HUE Faculty
    Human and Universal Energy (HUE) after Mr. Luong Minh Dang® Human and Universal Energy®
Noticia Mundial
HUE Level 20 Retreat: 29 March - 2 April 2017
HUE Faculty's first ever Retreat for students hosted by MEL Aruba

MEL Aruba is honored to be hosting HUE Faculty’s first ever Level 20 Retreat. Here you find a short description of all the necessary information for your planning purposes. To receive detailed costs or if you have any questions regarding the information posted here, please contact us. Thank you for participating and see you soon!




The Level 20 Retreat begins early morning on Wednesday, March 29th and ends on Sunday, April 2nd in the evening hours. A detailed program schedule with activities of the Retreat will be made available upon your arrival. The typical daily schedule includes group meditations at specific outdoor locations, breakfast, a light lunch, studying of the Level 20 Transcript Book, practice of the Rice Bath technique, some free time and dinner.




For the Level 20 Retreat, you are responsible for arranging your own flights. Please, arrange your flights into and out of the Queen Beatrix International Airport (Airport Code: AUA) on Tuesday, March 28th (arrival) and Monday, April 3rd (departure) or any date thereafter.




Upon arrival, our UE Taxi Drivers will be waiting for you in the Arrival Hall wearing a shirt with HUE logo and holding a noticeable sign with your name on it. MEL Aruba has also arranged transportation for the full duration of the Level 20 Retreat for every participant.




All participants will be accommodated at the Arawa Kunuku Houses, a serene and traditional Aruban countryside estate completely surrounded by nature. MEL Aruba has arranged for a daily breakfast, a light lunch and dinner to be provided to all participants. Additionally, we will conclude the Level 20 Retreat with a casual dinner at the Faro Blanco Restaurant.




The weather in Aruba is mostly around 31°C or 86°F with lots of sun and a nice breeze. Here’s a short list of essential items we recommend:


-          The Level 20 Transcript book (if you have one),

-          Comfortable clothing, undergarments and your favorite toiletries,

-          Comfortable walking shoes and a hat/cap (a water bottle is optional),

-          A light sweater or sweatshirt (if you don’t fancy the air conditioning),

-          Swimsuit or swim trunks,

-          A casual attire for our dinner at the Faro Blanco Restaurant, and

-          An open mind to discuss, to share, to actively participate, to learn and understand, to be in joy and to have fun.




To confirm your participation, please provide us with a completed Registration Form and Participant Information Form. All payments are made personally to MEL Aruba upon your arrival. As a courtesy, please contact us immediately if --for any unforeseen reasons-- you have to cancel your participation.



Last day for registration: SUNDAY, 19 MARCH 2017


Registration Form




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HUE Level 20 Retreat: 29 March - 2 April 2017
HUE Faculty's first ever Retreat for students hosted by MEL Aruba